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Hey, we'll keep this short and simple. About a week ago, we have started working on - as some of you might say - positive changes related to our game server. Based on player suggestions and on the fact that we're no longer living in 2007, we took a step forward to improve the services that we are providing to you, the players. During the course of the next few weeks of open beta, you will see the following changes happening to our game server, forums, website and social pages.

Web Page Rework
Forums Redesign
Quality-of-life Updates
In-Character Names
Colored Names Removal
Skin Selection Removal
Gang Turfs Removal (?)
Clothing Shops
More Jobs

And that is not everything, the usual updates will keep flowing once a week(~), as usual. We have also started promoting sponsored content on Facebook and Instagram, as you might have seen already, we will look to work with content creators and other partners, too, in order to reach a wider audience and create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for you.

Having said that, we are happy to announce that the open beta release of the upcoming updates will be released today, there will be management members and administrators online In-Game to assist you and help you with getting your property refunds.


Social Links
The Streetz of Los Santos
Fear & Respect Roleplay (@streetzofls) | Twitter
Fear and Respect Roleplay
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
With ever single day, we see more and more people getting into content creation or modding, so we thought about actually encouraging and rewarding them for the hard work they put in on a daily basis in order to promote the server and help the community members. Counting as of 20th of September, 2018 - we will start paying such contributors in one way or another, more details can be found below.

Modder (Mapper) Guidelines
  • Make bug-free maps, custom skins and objects for our donators.
  • Look for people donating for the following and offer them your help.
  • Once a donation for such has been processed, you will receive 20% of it.
  • Modding or mapping for yourself will not count towards your payout.
  • Your payout can either be shop money or real PayPal money.

Content Creator Guidelines

  • Frequently record and upload high-quality LSB-RP content to YouTube.
  • Advertise and grow your channel in order to reach a wider audience.
  • Your videos must contain the LSB-RP or Fear & Respect logos and other details in the description.
  • You must have at least 200 subscribers OR 500 video views to be eligible for payout.
  • The payout will be determined by views, comments and channel subscribers.
  • Due to the high amount of content creators, the only payout option is shop money.
  • Your video titles must contain [LSB-RP.com] at the beginning.

Download the Fear & Respect Content Creator Pack here.
Where do I find my account balance, also known as shop money?


We've been making some changes and tweaks on the Fear and Respect system so it actually means something, instead of being a value that shows and does nothing, but filling your (/icstats) In-Character statistics.

We'd like to reward our players for grinding out respect and at the same time, add a meaning to giving someone fear, therefore, we have implemented a new stat called "Street Credit". No, that has nothing to do with weapon limitations as it was back in the days, it's something completely different. Having said that, OG missions have now been removed and you shouldn't worry about being outnumbered and outgunned anymore.

Now on to the street credit again, this is a stat that will show, in other words, your "total respect". What does that mean? It means that your total respect equals all of your respect points MINUS the fear points, e.g: if you have 500 respect and 200 fear, you will then have 300 street credit a.k.a total respect.

But what am I getting for earning respect in the hood? You do get some pretty neat stuff as a reward for having more and more street credit, we will list them below. However, we will not disclose the street credit needed to obtain the perks In-Game and we'll let you find out yourself, have fun!

Having higher street credit will bring you these goodies.
  • Bonus cash at every payday.
  • Less price for Colts at Emmet's place.
  • Regenerate armor slightly over time.
  • Access to OG skins at your faction asset.
  • Wanted level disappears over time.
  • Spend less time in In-Character jail.

NOTE: You can /giverespect or /givefear In-Game once every hour, fear can be given only to enemies that are downed!...
We've decided some changes were needed on the combat and healing system in general. As you might know and/or noticed by now, we have made some changes to the weapon damages in order to balance them based on your feedback, now we're taking this a step further by balancing the healing systems throughout our game mode.

To prevent chicken-running during shootouts and bralws in order to take advantage of the auto-healing system, we'll be tweaking the auto-heal to work only when you aren't being shot at, therefore, you'll have to wait some time after getting shot in order to get healed. This also applies to all heal/armour sources such as lockers, 24/7 markets, fast food restaurants, drugs, house healing and food bags stored for later use. In addition to that, once you're back to a peaceful state, you'll be healed twice as fast than before.

Below is a quick summary of the changes.

  • The headshot multiplier of every gun is now double (2x) the base damage.
  • Damage done to the legs and arms is decreased by 30% of the base damage.
  • Deagle has been nerfed by 5% to prevent one-shot kills without bulletproof vest.
  • Shotguns have been nerfed by roughly 10% due to the lack of particle detection.
  • SMGs and ARs have been balanced and their damage changed according to their fire rate.
  • The Silenced Colt that Grand VIPs can obtain from /emmet has been buffed by 7.69%.
  • No healing from any source during shootouts and brawls.
  • Your wounds and/or bruises will heal twice as fast compared to before.
  • Healing at a hospital now resets your /damage information.

We'd like to hear your feedback on this, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts.
Hello, we'd like to let you know that the long awaited version 5.0 of Fear and Respect is on the run and soon to be released, we have not left it behind for a split second and are still working hard on delivering you this update along with our Head of Web Development Andrei aka actiV, we do know and realize that the official release date was supposed to be 25th of April, but sadly, we couldn't do it by then due to the lack of active developers and the fact that the code has never been optimized since the initial release of SOLS:RP Fear and Respect.

Having said that, we'll have to optimize and update all of our systems in order to provide you an enjoyable gameplay (script-wise) and knock off any possible bugs that may occur with the assistance of our Beta Testers, as you may know (or may not), through the year(s) our code grew as much as 100,000+ lines and it surely is no easy task for any developer to accomplish this part of the update, thus, the release date could be pushed as far as 5th of May, 2017.

We'd love to keep you aware of the development and thank you for the contribution and patience that all of you are showing, you can stay updated at GitLab, to do this you can navigate to the nav-bar ontop of our forums and click on Bug Tracker.

As my final words, Fear and Respect v5.0 Beta will consist mostly of major code optimizations, bug fixes that have been reported and have not been taken care of yet, crash fixes, MySQL conversion and User Control Panel with many options that will make your life easier, of course, don't be disappointed, there are 9 versions x 100 updates each (5.9 - 900 updates after 5.0) until we get to release v6.0 which, judging by our progress means that v5 will be the greatest update SOLS has ever had.

We have decided not to upload any screenshots as of now because the release date is pretty near, thank you for...