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We've decided to move from the free phpBB board to something better and more reliable, so here we are, the migration is complete and we'll be on the XenForo ship from now on, you can already feel like home.

Unfortunately, we have experienced issues with the migration which caused all the posts to appear messy because of the BBCodes differences, although we managed to save some important posts - the rest had to be archived (not deleted) to retain your post count, however, all signatures were wiped due to different signatures settings on this board.

We advise you to transfer all your important topics from the old forums to this one as soon as possible, we are going to give you some more information on the new forums as well, keep scrolling.

We would also like to notify you that the MySQL and UCP development are in progress and not forgotten, stay tuned and keep yourself updated by checking the BUG TRACKER in the navigation bar, thank you.​

What is kept?
  • Accounts
  • Private messages
  • Post count
  • Avatars
  • Settings
  • Every other essential feature
What was wiped/archived?
  • Threads
  • Signatures
  • Settings/features that are now deprecated
  • Like/dislike count due to system differences
  • Some of the BBCodes (Soon to be re-added)
What are the new forums offering me?
  • More security + two-step verification available
  • Better look and feel
  • News page/portal for important announcements
  • Thread prefixes
  • Better like system
  • Thropies/Achievements system
  • Profile posts
  • New follow/ignore system + news feed
  • Easier customization
  • New forum VIP features
  • Way more administrative permissions to make our job easier
  • Housekeeping & free coffee
  • Conversations
  • Account upgrades integrated
  • Ability to select topics in bulk
  • New notifications styles
  • New live support...