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Information Administration Team Recruitment/Reinstatement Information [STATUS: CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Information & Announcements' started by MachineHead, Apr 1, 2018.

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  1. MachineHead

    MachineHead Executive
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    Apr 1, 2016
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    We decided to re-open The Administration Application Position for the players to apply for, we're looking for experienced volunteers who have the time to provide support and a hand for the community. We feel like it is time to start recruiting people to help us with the communities manners and to fill in empty positions in the staff team.


    • English Proficiency - We ask that you can type or speak English fluently so you are able to communicate with the members easier. It does not have to be your first language, but we ask that you can type and speak it properly.
    • Forum Activity - You'll need to be as active as you are In-Game, forum duties are also important. Lock, move or moderate anything that seems like a spam, hand out warnings, assist a new player that is lost etc.
    • Clear Admin Record - Your record must be clear for at least a month before applying. If you have a bad admin RECORD/HISTORY you won't have a chance applying for the position.
    • Patience - As easy as it might sound, you will need patience when it comes to a complicated report or a toxic community member. Some of our staff gets a little out of hand and is forced to do something he doesn't want to do that'll probably ruin his position as a Game Admin. You're forced to maintain patient at all time when handling a help request by a newbie who wants to get started.
    • A Community Member for At least Three Months - Speaks for itself, if you're new to Streetz of Los Santos and you're interested in joining the team, you have to be a member for at least three months before applying, requirements above applies.
    • Familiar With The Server's Rules - This is a must, you have to be familiar with the server's rules in order to apply as well as roleplay. We won't be recruiting an average player with a tiny bit knowledge on how this or that works.


    • In-Game Duties - As a Game Admin, you're forced to fill in your duties such as handling reports against rulebreaker, accepting help requests and giving a solution for. Once your day ends and you're about to log out, you'll be posting your logs in the Admin Area (More information will be provided about that matter once you've passed the application stage).
    • Forum Reports - The report section will indeed end up booming with topics, this is why we need volunteers to handle them instead of leaving a team duty for a one man. You'll provide information and evidence (if caught lying) against the reported player and give an explanation on what rule he broke if proven guilty.
    • Forum Duties - You'll be moderating the player's posts and comments here and there and moderating the report/ban section when a non-involved player posts. Some are inappropriate, some are meant to attack another player by tossing an insult but hey, this is a +18 game, some will deal with it, some won't so expect reports.
    • Providing Support - New players will come seeking for help, and since we don't have a helper team and I doubt we will, they'll be requesting a help request and you'll assist them by taking that request.
    • Activity - Speaks for itself, you need to be active In-Game when the server has a potential amount of players to log in and fill in your duties as a Game Admin. You'll be called to log in so we'll be expecting you to be there.


    • The Applications are PM-ed to zeeD, LakeB and Ryhes tilted 'Admin Application - Your In-Game Name'.
    • If reinstating 'Reinstatement Application - Your In-Game Name'.
    • Your application form will be evaluated by the Administration Team, and finalized by the Management.


    [b]IG Name[/b]:
    [b]Real life age[/b]:
    [b]Your time zone[/b]:
    [b]Do you have any previous experience in that sphere? (Leave empty if it's a reinstatement application)[/b]:
    [b]Screenshot of your stats[/b]:
    [b]For how long you've been a member of our community?[/b]:
    [b]What makes your application stands out on the other applicants?[/b]:
    [b]How will you contribute to Fear and Respect if you are picked for this role?[/b]:
    [b]How can you help the community improve?[/b]:
    Additional Information/Comments:
    Good Luck.
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  2. michael

    michael Lead Community Manager

    Jul 7, 2007
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    Opened until 3rd of December, 2018.
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  3. michael

    michael Lead Community Manager

    Jul 7, 2007
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    Applications are now closed. We will review them and notify the applicants of the outcome soon.
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